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A plain black wintercap (toboggan) made out of 100% norwegian superwash wool.  The yarn is very soft and not scratchy.
This is a hat I knitted for my husband to keep his ears warm in wintertime. It's made out of 60% partly cleaned sheep wool in a sport/DK weight.
I call this a Pumpkinhat.  It's made out of the polar weight Katia Niebla yarn, which is 40% acrylic, 30% wool, and 30% nylon.  A fun hat with a playful touch to lighten up dull winterdays.
This is an authentic reproduction monmouth cap.  It has been fulled (shrunk and felted) after knitting, an old technique to make wool more resistant and waterproof.  To learn more about monmouth caps, click here.
A great looking plain black toboggan made out of 100% wool (the non-scratchy kind).
This is a beautiful unisex babyhat that will keep your little one both, looking great and warm around his head and ears.  It is made out of sheep wool yarn. 
This is a very warm winterscarf out of 80% Alpaca and 20% wool
A very special heavy scarf made out of some fancy wool I found in Europe.  It's thick and warm and looks shiny in the sun.
One of my favorite types of scarves:  This loopscarf can be worn with jeans just as well as with an evening dress.